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Located Making: Design for Sustainability in Small Maker Enterprises


  • Louise Mullagh Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom http://orcid.org/0000-0001-7506-9887
  • Stuart Walker Lancaster University, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Martyn Evans Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom


This paper presents findings from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project Living Design: The Effective Use of Design for Sustainability in Small Maker Enterprises. The project examines enterprises that, for various reasons, are deeply rooted in ‘place’. These kinds of enterprises often continue long-established traditional practices but, today, they are frequently in decline. Ironically, this decline is occurring at the very time there is renewed interest in such practices, which are associated with heritage, provenance, authenticity and cultural identity. Here we present evidence-based findings and the emergence of a concept we have termed Located Making, which recognizes the connection of these practices to the place and culture in which they operate. Our research identifies factors that may help – or hinder – such enterprises, as well as areas where design can make a contribution to ensure resilience commensurate with design for sustainability. Through its robust engagement with the complex and interrelated issues of design, sustainability and placed-based heritage, the research presents insights that will be of interest to researchers, enterprise development personnel and policy makers at the regional level, as well as makers and maker associations and related third sector organisations such as the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Programme.

Palabras clave:

design, design for sustainability, maker-enterprises